Along the Trails in Peccole Ranch


Walking Trails

Peccole Ranch is  a unique community  located between Charleston and Sahara, and bordered on the east and west by Fort Apache and Hualapia .  The neighborhood contains 50 acres of common area including landscaped tree-lined greenbelts, paseos and and 14 acres of landscaped tree-lined streets.  Peccole Ranch was recently awarded to distinction of being named the Best of Las Vegas for a location for a leisurely stroll.


Exercise Stations and Disc Golf

  There are a number of exercise stations throughout the paseos, as well as one of the most renown disc golf courses in the City.

PRCA - Course Information

• Peccole Ranch is a private course

• The course has MANDATORY rules of play, anyone failing to follow those safety rules WILL BE asked to leave and course privileges WILL BE revoked

• Anyone trespassing on private property will be asked to leave and course privileges WILL BE revoked

• The PRCA Courtesy Patrol may ask for identification at any time. If you do not have identification you WILL BE asked to leave


Recreational Size Bocce Ball Court

Rules of the game:

1. Form 2 Teams of 2-4 players

2. 1 team tosses the “pallina” (little ball) down the court, past center line. The same player tosses the first ball.

3. Teams alternate tossing bocce balls, trying to get closest to the pallina or to knock the opponents’ ball away. 

4. The team closest to the pallina scores 1 point for each ball closer than the opposing team’s balls.

5. The first team to 11 points wins!