Next Regular Business Meeting of the Board - January 16, 2

No December Board Business Meeting


PRCA Clubhouse Meeting Room - 9501 Red Hills Road, Las Vegas, Nevada - 89117


Agenda items may be taken out of order to facilitate the needs of the Board and invited service providers.
The Association audio tapes the regular business meetings of the Association in accordance with Nevada law.
Times listed on the agenda are estimates; the Board is not obligated to adhere to the timing published

1  Call to Order: 

2 Approval of Agenda  

Below is an agenda of all items scheduled to be considered. Unless otherwise stated, items may be taken out of the order presented on the agenda at the discretion of the Board President. Items may also be combined for consideration, pulled or removed from the agenda at any time. Public comment may be limited to three minutes per person at the discretion of the Board President. The Board may only take action on those items denoted as potential action items. 

3 Homeowner Forum: 10 minutes maximum – please sign in to be recognized

A. Agenda Related Comments - 

Because the meeting is being recorded, unit owners are asked to come to the table to make their comments heard. Please state your name, and Peccole Ranch address for the recording. NRS 116.31083 provides for a unit owners' comment period but prohibits the board from taking action on any item that is not on the agenda. To protect the confidentiality of homeowners, NAC 116.405 prohibits the Board from discussing any alleged violation or delinquency in a public meeting. The total homeowner discussion portion of the agenda is limited to 10 minutes. At the discretion of the Board President individual homeowner comments may be limited to two minutes. 

B. General Comments –  

Having provided for the homeowner comment period, please be aware that the Board now conducts the business of the corporation. It is not lawful to disrupt a meeting - NRS 203.090. 

The Board of Directors will conduct the meeting in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order with the procedure adopted in 2015:
Step 1: Motion - For each action requiring a motion the Board will entertain a motion and second.
Step 2: Reaction Round - Each member of the Board will have a 30 second opportunity to present their reaction to the proposal or offer modifications to the proposal.
Step 3: Revision of the Motion Round -The motion may be revised or put forward for discussion or clarification.
Step 4: Clarifying Round - This round offers Board members the opportunity to comment or to ask questions or to "call for the question" (meaning call for the vote)
Step 5: Vote - After the second comment period the President may call for a vote on the measure or allow for one final comment period prior to the vote on the measure.
Board members may be called upon in turn of order, but are not obligated to make comment or question. 

C. Vendor Presentation -  

Insurance - Annual Review  and action to renew policies.


4 CONSENT AGENDA  - Consent items are noted routinely by the Board of Directors and may be enacted by one motion. However, any Board member may withdraw any item from the consent agenda for discussion later in the meeting. 

A. Bid Opening - Acknowledgment of Board's Direction - None 

 At this meeting the Board may open proposals for less than $60,000. The proposals received are noted in the minutes. If bids are solicited, bids anticipated to exceed $60,000 are opened in accordance with the Board’s understanding of NRS 116.31086. The Board directs staff to review the received bid information for comparability, RFP compliance where applicable, vendor licensing and insurance and prepare the standardized PRCA matrix and pricing matrix. The vendor name, service and proposed pricing are noted in the minutes of the meeting. The bids may be discussed on October 17th or at a later meeting of the Board. Please note: the pricing as announced in the meeting under a later agenda item may not reflect the scope of service requested in the RFP. In accordance with NRS.116.31175 Homeowners have the right to review bid documents. 

B. NRS 116.31085; 116.3183 & 116.31088 - Required Disclosure - Acknowledgment 

In accordance with NRS 116.31085 the Board notes meeting on 01/16/2020 in an Executive Session of the Board to discuss delinquencies, violations and legal information governed by the privilege set forth in NRS 49.035 to 49.115, inclusive.
In accordance with NRS 116.31088 the Board notes there were no civil actions in which the association is a party that is settled; for which the executive board must, in this meeting, disclose the terms and conditions of the settlement.
In accordance with NRS 116.31083(7)(f) the Board notes there was no change in the current status of any other civil action or claim submitted to arbitration or mediation in which the association is a part.
The Board also acknowledge the homeowners rights to review the records of the Association per NRS.116.31175  

C. Written Monthly Reports - Acknowledgment 

The Board acknowledges receiving the following routine monthly status reports, and further discloses it is the practice of the Board to review the month end reports and to request management to put any action items on the agenda. 

1. Par 3 Monthly Landscape Report 

2. G4s Courtesy Patrol Monthly Report 

3. Facilities Monthly Report  

4. Management Monthly Report 

5. DRC Report * Acknowledgement the details of this report are reviewed in Executive Session because of individual privacy requirements 

6. Social Committee Report 


D. Compliance with NAC 116.400 - Disclosure of Board Education 

Members are reminded of classes available through the Nevada Real Estate Division Ombudsman as well as other industry organizations.  


5 One Motion - One Vote - The following are items that may be considered in one motion-one vote.

A. Approval of Minutes - Minutes of the meetings are drafted and sent to the Board for review and correction - 10 days after meetings. 

November 21, 2020 - Board of Directors Meeting   

November 26, 2019 - Bid Opening meeting - none 

Acknowledgement of January 16, 2020 Homeowner  Town Hall Meet the Candidates Meeting  - No quorum 


6 Treasurer's Report - ACTION: Board Review /Discussion/Approval/Direction 

A. Treasurer's Report November  & December  2019 financials - Acceptance 

B. CDAR Maturing January 2020 - Reinvestment 



7 Landscape Items - ACTION: Board Review /Discussion/Approval/Direction 

A. Staff report on standard landscape maintenance and long-term planning  


8 Facility Items - ACTION: Board Review /Discussion/Approval/Direction 

A. Homeowner Request for Traffic Control in Ascot Park

B. Homeowner Request for Additional Lighting - Main Entry in Ascot Park at Grand Canyon

C. Sidewalk/Trip Hazard Mitigation – Gated Communities and Paseos (even years) 


9 Administrative Items  - ACTION: Board Review /Discussion/Approval/Direction  

A. Update Community Patrol Transition  

B. Update on the Ballot Measure to Amend the Tract Declaration in certain neighborhoods which mandate alarm monitoring 

C. Review and discussion of proposed changes to the current Rules and Regulations and DRC guidelines of the Association  


10 Meeting Management Items - ACTION: Board Review /Discussion/Approval/Direction  

A. Next Meeting Agenda Items: Adoption: Rules and Regulations changes, DRC Changes 

B. Announcements: Members Annual meeting and Election January 23rd. ,  Board Organizational Meeting January 23rd.


11 Homeowner Forum: General Comments  


12 Adjourn / Recess Meeting:  Next Regular Business Meeting of the Board - February 20, 2020 6:30 p.m. 


Notification of PRCA 2020 Meeting Schedule: 

NOTE: ACTION MAY BE TAKEN ON ANY ITEM LISTED ON THIS AGENDA UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. A total of 10 minutes is reserved for Homeowners to speak during the homeowner forum portion of the agenda. NRS 116 requires that notice of meeting be posted or placed in a newsletter. Please note that any topic listed on this agenda and any written or verbal recommendations from a committee report that has been included on this agenda may be voted upon by the Board of Directors, or at a homeowners meeting, by the membership. A copy of the agenda is posted at the clubhouse five days prior to the meeting. Any owner is entitled to have a copy of the minutes or a summary of the minutes of the meeting provided upon written and payment to the association of the cost to copy. The cost of the copies will not exceed 25 cents per page for the first 10 pages, and 10 cents per page thereafter. Per NRS 116.3103 Units’ owners have the right of a copy of the audio recording, upon written request and upon payment to the association of the cost of providing the copy. Additionally, unit owners have the right to speak during the period devoted to comments by units’ owners and discussion of those comments at the beginning of each meeting, comments by the units’ owners and discussion of those comments must be limited to items listed on the agenda. An additional comment period will be held at the end of the meeting to address any other issue the units’ owners may wish to present to the Executive Board.

• The Regular Board of Directors and Member Meetings are held at 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse at 9501 Red hills Road on the third Thursday of the month.
• The Executive Session Meetings and Hearings on violations and delinquencies and legal matters are held at 5:00 PM preceding the regular meeting in the Clubhouse at 9501 Red hills Road on the third Thursday of the month.
• Board Meetings for the SINGULAR PURPOSE OF OPENING BIDS - 10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the PRCA Offices. If no bids are presented to the Board for consideration, no meeting is held. If bids are presented one Board member is present in person, and two are present telephonically. Historically, the meetings last less than 5 minutes. 

• The Regular Meetings of the Design Review and Social Committees are held at 7 a.m. in the Clubhouse on the first Thursday of the month.